Town of Deerfield, NH
8 Raymond Road, Deerfield, NH 03037-0159
ph: (603) 463-8811
fx: (603) 463-2820
Abatements & Appeals
Residents are encouraged to periodically review their property cards for accuracy.  Cards can be accessed online or can be obtained from the Assessing Department.  Data errors (number of bedrooms/bathrooms, finished vs. unfinished basements, features that have been removed, etc.) can usually be easily verified and corrected for the current tax year (if not for the first half, estimated tax bill, then typically by the final bill).  Any corrections relating to the prior tax year can be evaluated and resolved through the abatement process.  The deadline to file for Abatement is March 1st following the tax year for which the abatement is being requested.  The Assessing Department is happy to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your assessment.