Town of Deerfield, NH
8 Raymond Road, Deerfield, NH 03037-0159
ph: (603) 463-8811
fx: (603) 463-2820
Exemptions & Credits
The Town of Deerfield has chosen to adopt a number of exemptions and credits for the benefit of eligible residents.  Among them are the Veterans' Tax Credit, the Tax Credit for Service Connected Total and Permanent Disability (VA documentation required) and corresponding credits for Veterans' surviving spouses.  Credits are deducted from the final tax obligation annually.  Exemptions, which are reductions to the assessed valuation of the primary residence, are offered based upon the marital status and age of eligible applicants and have specific income and asset limitations.  Please see the following pages for an overview of the above exemptions and credits and their specific requirements.  Deerfield also offers an exemption for Legally Blind individuals.
        Applications for the Low & Moderate Tax Relief are submitted directly
        to the State of New Hampshire. Submissions should be postmarked by June 30th.