Town of Deerfield, NH
8 Raymond Road, Deerfield, NH 03037-0159
ph: (603) 463-8811
fx: (603) 463-2820
In Case of Emergency … Deerfield’s Shelter Plans
How do I know if a shelter is open?  
The Town Emergency Management Team makes the decision to open the shelter.  It will announce the opening TV Channel 9 WMUR, Radio stations WOKQ-FM (97.5) and WZID-FM (95.7) and the Town website  & The Forum.  

You can also telephone 211 or 463-8811.  Or check Nixle, Twitter & Facebook and message boards in front of the George B. White building and Deerfield Community School (DCS).  

Where do I go?  
The Town will announce the exact shelter location, most likely the Deerfield Community School (66 North Road).  However, depending on the disaster, Deerfield has three alternate sites:  the Deerfield Community Church (15 Church Street), the George B. White Building (8 Raymond Road) and the Deerfield Fire Station (6 Church Street).

What do I bring?  
The shelter provides meals and overnight accommodations with a cot and blanket.  You should bring a pillow, extra blanket, some toiletries and clothes.  If you have children, bring their favorite toy or book!  Bring your prescription medicines and a list of your medicines.  If you need special medical equipment, bring it with you and/or notify the Fire Department of your need to bring it to the shelter.  (Note the style & serial number of medical devices and include operating information and instructions.)  

Also bring your medical insurance card (& Medicare card), along with your key financial information.  Finally bring a list of names and contact numbers of your support network and your medical providers.  (If you are disabled, make sure your emergency list describes the best way to communicate with you.)

Do I have to stay at the shelter overnight?
No.   Many residents use the shelter to get warm, charge cell phones, catch up on news and enjoy a warm meal.  You will be asked to sign in & out.  To pass the time, the shelter has game boards, cards, books and magazines.  We may offer some play activities, but parents are responsible for supervising their children.  Rescue, fire and police personnel are available.  The key shelter restrictions are no alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons.