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The first Deerfield Fire Department was formed by resident volunteers of the Town of Deerfield in 1932. The original Deerfield Fire Department personnel of January 19, 1932 is listed below.

The Deerfield Fire Department has only had four fire chiefs since the departments formation. Leon W. Harvey - Deerfield's first chief was killed in the line of duty on December 10, 1947.

When the department was formed, Harvey was given authority to choose his own firemen. The original roster consisted of 35 firemen. The town was divided into 11 districts. Each district had a lieutenant and three or four men. These districts were:

District 1 - Griffin Road
District 2 - Pleasant Lake
District 3 - James City
District 4 - Nottingham Road
District 5 - Raymond Road (near intersection of Cole Road)
District 6 - Fairgrounds area (then the Civilian Conservation Corps barracks)
District 7 - Ridge Road
District 8 - Old Centre Road
District 9 - South Road
District 10 - Leavitts Hill (Middle Road)
District 11 - Deerfield Parade

The department's only equipment, when Harvey became chief, were two chemical tanks. According to the early minutes of the association, early in 1933 the association traded the two tanks and spent $2,500 cash for a 1931 International, the town's first fire truck.

That truck, with its 85-gallon water tank, is still with the department today and is still capable of fighting fires. The firehouse was built a short time later in the place where it still stands today.

Members of the First Deerfield Fire Department

Leon W. Harvey (Chief)
William H. Walker
Clarence Cox
Cad M. Fogg
Maurice Stevens
Walter Scott
Cad Wallin
Ernest Higgins
William P. Chase
Willie C. Fife
James W. Fife
James W. Clay
George W. Clark
M. Herman Sanborn
Frank Davis
Frank Pervere
Daniel Tilton
Zaccheus Welch
George Witham
Clifford Hendrick
Elvan White
Lester Maynard
Willard Sanders
Joseph Peterson
Emanual Peterson
Frank Malone
Richard King
Joseph H. Anderson
Roy G. Stevens
George H. Robinson
James A. Wentworth
Burton Corbin
William F. Tuttle
Howard P. King
E. Barfield Hersey

Past Fire Chiefs
Leon W. Harvey, February 1932 to December 10, 1947
Willis T. Rollins, December 10, 1947 to December 1959
George F. Clark, February 1960 to January 7, 1997
Matt Fisher 2018-Present
Mark A. Tibbetts,  January 7, 1997 to 2018

Detail Detail
8 Raymond Road, PO Box 159, Deerfield, NH 03037
Phone: (603) 463-8811   Fax: (603) 463-2820