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Museum Passes
The Philbrick-James Library has passes to the following area museums:
SEE Museum (Manchester)    
Each pass is a bit different:  Some are an outright free admission; others require a co-pay.  Some are a laminated card which is presented at the admission desk and returned to the library the same day. Others are a paper pass which is signed by library staff and dated for a specific date; these are usually left at the admission desk.  Stop by the check-out desk or call to check on availability of passes and further details for use.  School vacation weeks and summer vacations are particularly high demand times.
Each of these museums has a website with directions and hours listed. In general, library passes are not valid for special events.  Please call the library to reserve a pass for your family’s entertainment.  The more a pass is used, the more likely we are to renew it in the coming year.  With difficult economic times upon us, it would be great to get full value from our monetary investment.
At this time, the passes to most Boston museums (i.e. Museum of Science and the Aquarium) are beyond our budget limitations.  We do still have the Boston Museum of Fine Arts pass.  This is definitely a co-pay but each paper pass allows two visitors at $10 apiece--a definite bargain!