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The following Rules and Regulations are established for the Deerfield Transfer Station and Recycling Center and are hereby adopted on the 16th day of September in the Year
Two Thousand and Two by vote and signature of the Board of Selectmen.


Effective Date: September 16, 2002


1. COOPERATION: The Selectmen asks you for your cooperation in complying with the Rules and Regulations and voluntary recycling effort. The Town will not be able to please everyone with regard to permits and special needs and circumstances; however, for the benefit of all, we will try to provide the best service for the most people at the least possible cost. Signs are posted throughout the Transfer Station and Recycling Center and we ask for safety reasons that you obey all signs as posted.

2. ORIGIN OF MATERIALS: Only materials collected within the limits of The Town of Deerfield shall be disposed of at the Transfer Station and Recycling Center.

3. HOURS; PERMITS: The Transfer Station & Recycling will be open for use by residents and non-resident property owners during the following days and hours and under the following conditions:

Admission to the facility will be only by numbered permit issued at the town offices or at the Transfer Station under the direction of the Board of Selectmen during regular office hours. Proof of residency or ownership of property must be provided. All permanent permits must be attached to the left hand corner of windshield of the motor vehicle being used for dumping and be plainly visible. The Board of Selectmen reserves the right to issue permits at its discretion.

Permanent permits will require proof of residency (e.g., vehicle registration) and will be renewed on a yearly basis.

Temporary Permits may be issued for time periods not to exceed two (2) days and shall be limited to one per Deerfield property per one-week period.

Non-resident Permits for property owners who are non-residents shall be limited to one per residential property - if, for any reason one permit is not sufficient, then Temporary Permits will be issued.

Replacement Permits for Permanent and Non-Resident Permits to be issued only upon presentation of original sticker, unless reasonable cause can be shown why this is not possible.

Commercial Hauler Permits: A "Commercial Hauler' shall be identified as anyone who hauls materials to the disposal facility for others for a fee. All persons or entities engaged in commercial hauling of materials to the facility, be they resident or non-resident, must first obtain a permit from the Board of Selectmen or its designate. Material hauled for disposal, at the Deerfield Transfer Station, must have been generated by Deerfield residents, or property owners, and be from a premise in Deerfield. All applicable fees, including, but not limited to, commercial hauler tipping fees, shall be the responsibility of the commercial hauler.

Permits are issued subject to the terms of these rules and regulations and may be voided for failure to adhere to these terms.

4. SEPARATION: All materials brought to the facility for disposal and or voluntary recycling shall be deposited in the numbered or designated containers or locations as the Transfer Station and Recycling Center attendants direct:

#1 & #2: Any type of clean recyclable paper including newspapers, magazines, junk mail, phonebooks, cereal boxes, chip board, all types of bags without plastic liners and all types of cardboard products. No plastic bags.
#3 Aluminum Cans: beer, soda and some types of cat food cans. Put foil products in the green barrel.
#4 Glass Crusher Area: All types of glass bottles with the tops removed.
#5: Steel Cans: any non-aluminum cans also aerosol cans
#6 Plastics: All #1 thru #7, also juice and milk cartons and Styrofoam
#7 Scrap Metal: appliances, tools, water heaters, pipes, ducting; remove all non-metal parts; remove any oil or gasoline from engines or machinery.
#8 Oversized Bulky Waste: fee for disposal.
#9 Freon appliances: fee for disposal, accepted March thru October only.
Doors must be removed. Any stripped Freon appliance will NOT be accepted unless certified by a licensed Technician that the item is not hazardous to the environment.
#10 Propane tanks: 20lb or larger fee for disposal.
#11 Construction Materials: fee for disposal
#12 Waste Oil and batteries (household and automotive) Oil must be in clear or semi-clear one-gallon jugs with name and address on it. No water, antifreeze or gasoline mix.
#13 Household Trash and small amounts of C&D waste
Tires: Accepted the first full weekend of each month, limit four (4) per household with no rims and not larger than 16.5.
Leaf, Yard Waste and Manure: also hay, plants, saw dust and no brush.
Burn Pile: any unpainted, untreated wood, brush five (5) inches or less in diameter. All loads going to the burn pile must be inspected first by an attendant. No stumps.
Swap Shop: usable and clean items only; no clothing, bedding materials, tires, paints, stuffed animals or broken appliances.
Textile Box: clean usable fabrics or clothing; must be bagged.

Compressed Gas Tanks: including all oxygen, acetylene, argon, freon and nitrogen.
Harmful, hazardous or toxic substances.
Sludge or septic waste
Any material which, in the opinion of the Transfer Station and Recycling Center Attendant, constitutes a serious hazard to other users of the facility, to the property of the Town or to the operation of the Transfer Station and Recycling Center facility. This shall include, but not limited to, any industrial by-products.
Stumps to include trees and limbs greater than five (5) inches in diameter, as directed by the attendant.

6. SUPERVISION: The Transfer Station and Recycling Center Attendant and the Manager shall have the right to refuse the use of the facility to any person, corporation or other user who, in the judgment of the attendant, is misusing the Facility or violating these Rules and Regulations or does not have the proper permit. Any such user, who refuses to obey the legitimate orders of an Attendant or becomes physically or verbally abusive, shall be guilty of a violation of these Rules and Regulations. Any person aggrieved by the Attendants decision may appeal to the Board of Selectmen.

7. BURNING: No burning shall be allowed at the facility except at the direction and supervision of the Fire Warden or the Fire Chief.

8. FIREARMS: The discharge of firearms is prohibited at the facility.

9. TRESPASS: The gate will be locked at all times when the Transfer Station and Recycling Center is not open to the public. Anyone entering the Transfer Station and Recycling Center when the gate is locked is guilty of trespass and shall be charged with violating the terms of these Rules and Regulations.

10. PENALTY: Any person or corporation violating any provision of these Rules and Regulations or the directives of the Transfer Station and Recycling Center Attendant may be punished by a civil penalty not to exceed Three Thousand Dollars ($3000.00) for each violation, as authorized by N.H.R.S.A. 149-M: 17. Any person or corporation which commits three (3) or more violations whether assessed a civil penalty or not may be denied use of the facility.

11. DAMAGES: Any person or corporation causing any damages to the Transfer Station and Recycling Center Facility, grounds or equipment may be held responsible for restitution for those damages.

12. SOLID WASTE COMMITTEE: The Board of Selectmen shall appoint a committee and a representative member to serve as an advisory board to the operation of the Transfer Station and Recycling Center Facility to include but not be limited to the development of rules and regulations, recycling procedures, annual budget and annual report as directed by the Board of Selectmen.

13. FEES As provided by RSA:9-a. The following fees will be paid to the Transfer Station and Recycling Center Attendant before depositing the following items:


Stuffed sofa $10.00 each
Stuffed chair $ 5.00 each
Mattress $10.00 each
Box Spring $10.00 each
Freon Appliances (any Appliance that has refrigerant) $10.00 each


One Ton Load $50.00 per load
Full Pickup Load $30.00 per load
½ Pickup Load or Less $15.00 per load
Any truck over one ton capacity NOT accepted.


Stove/Furnace $10.00 each
Washer $10.00 each
Dryer $10.00 each
Water Heater $10.00 each
Dish Washer $10.00 each
Propane Tanks over 20lb $10.00 each


Full Pickup Load $20.00 per load
½ Pickup Load or Less $10.00 per load


Vehicle Tires - 16.5 or less with or without rims $3.00 per tire
Vehicle Tires - 16.5 or greater without rims $6.00 per tire
No tractor, loader, heavy construction, etc. tires accepted


Pickup Load** $25.00
One Ton Load** $50.00
**Any other materials, which fall under the fee schedule, as noted above,
will be at an added cost per item as applicable.
Any truck over one ton capacity not accepted.


Computer Monitors $10.00 each
Computer Towers $5.00 each

Televisions up to 36” $10.00 each

Televisions over 36” $25.00

Payment will be made by check, made payable to the "Town of Deerfield". A receipt will be given for all transactions.

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Phone: (603) 463-8811   Fax: (603) 463-2820