Town of Deerfield, NH
8 Raymond Road, Deerfield, NH 03037-0159
ph: (603) 463-8811
fx: (603) 463-2820
Frequently Asked Question
How do I reach the Office of Welfare?
The Welfare Administrator maintains regular drop-in office hours and is accessible during business hours at the Deerfield Town Offices. You may contact the Welfare Administrator by confidential voicemail at 463-8811 x310.

What does the Office of Welfare offer residents?
The basic local welfare duties are described in RSA 165 (link to RSA). The Deerfield Office of Welfare provides information, resources and referrals to families in need of social, emotional, medical or financial support.  When no other resources are available to provide assistance, and the family meets the requirements for eligibility for local welfare assistance, financial support may be granted to the family in need.  The Office of Welfare provides emergency temporary assistance to families who lack adequate resources to provide for their basic needs (for example, food, heat or shelter).

Where do I apply for fuel assistance or food stamps?
Different organizations oversee programs -- click here to view a Quick Guide to Services for Deerfield residents.  For a more comprehensive list of services, look under Additional Links and click on the appropriate resource.  

How do I apply for assistance?
The application process cannot be done over the telephone.  Pick up an application for general assistance in the Town Offices, George B. White Building, 8 Raymond Road, Deerfield.  Applications are available on the wall by the side entrance to the Tax Collectorís Office and on the wall outside the second floor suite of offices.  Complete and sign the application and collect items to support the application -- bills, income statements, bank account statements, letters from state agencies, etc.  Call this Office at 463 8811 ext. 310 to set up an appointment or drop in during Walk In Office Hours on Monday mornings or Wednesday afternoons.  The interview and review of documents takes approximately one hour.  You will be provided with a Notice of Decision either granting or denying the application; if denied, you have the right to know why and the right to a Fair Hearing.  If more information is needed you will be given a return appointment and explanation of the items needed for a decision.