Community Power Committee

Community Power Aggregation


Community Power Aggregation is a way for rate payers in a given community – the local government buyers, businesses, non-profits, and residents alike – to optionally combine their electricity usage together and negotiate how they receive power. As a collective group, participants are then able to leverage their aggregated buying power for desirable rates and greater control over the ultimate source of their electricity supply. This is an option to potentially save money and/or to advance sustainability goals.


On December 13, 2021, Deerfield’s Select Board voted unanimously to establish an official “Community Power Aggregation Committee.” The purpose of this effort is to consider new municipal power aggregation opportunities provided for New Hampshire communities by recently passed state legislation. This committee will consist of no more than 7 members, and will be meeting with vetted subject matter experts to discuss possibilities.

Board Members

Name Title
Bernie Cameron
Mal Cameron
Patrick Kelliher
Wes Golumb
Lise Mahoney
Barbara Mathews
Megan Ulin
John Harrington Town Representative
Ryan Polson Standard Power Representative
Emily Manns Standard Power Representative