Fire Stations

The Town of Deerfield has two fire stations. The main station is located on Old Center Road South, and the remote station on Birch Road.

First Building 1932-1933Main Station on Old Center Road South

Building committee was named on July 9, 1932. Those members were G. W. Clark, FL P. Haynes and E. B. Hersev. Foundation was started in August 1932, but due to bad weather, work was stopped for the winter. Building was finished in 1933. The building was 40 feet by 20 feet. One set of double doors down stairs, large meeting room up stairs.

Second Building

Building committee was named in May 1954. Those members were Chief W. Rollins, Pres. L. E. Maynand and G. F. Clark, K. Nay and R. Stevens. Secured a loan of $4000.00. Building was 52 feet by 40 feet. It was built over the original building. It had 4 bays down and a large meeting room up stairs. It was started in 1954 and finished in 1955.

Third Building

Building committee was named in January 1967. Those members were Chief G. Clark, J. Cole, J. W. Fife, R. Bowden and P. Smith. Association voted in August 1967 to raise the existing building and add an addition to the rear of the building. Building was raised three 8 inch blocks; $1400.00. Addition on back was 52 feet by 24 feet. Four bays down, kitchen and two rest rooms up stairs; $4800.00. This was finished in 1968.

Fire Department Building on Birch Roadremote station on Birch Road

Building committee was named in March 1980. Those named were Chief G. Clark, J. Alexander, W. Sanborn, C. Copeland, R. Bowden and F. Dodge. The Building is 34 feet by 40 feet with 2 bays, radio room and rest rooms. The building was finished February 1981

Other Structures

Storage building in the rear of the main building was built in 1977 and 1978. 14 feet by 32 feet; $2981.05. Hose tower was built in 1983. 8 feet by 8 feet; $3000.00.