Parks & Recreation Commission

The mission of the DPRC shall be that of the DPRD. To address the needs of the community by offering a variety of programs and services that are healthy and enjoyable. The purpose of the DRPC will be to act on the behalf of the Board of Selectmen in the management and planning of all parks and recreational areas and activities within the Town; except for Veasey Park which shall remain under the direct management and control of the Veasey Park Commission. The DPRC will assist and advise the DPRD Director and staff in the planning, execution and evaluation of projects and programs.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Nick Lawrence (603) 463-8811 Ext. 305

Commission Members

Name Title
Jeffrey Shute BOS Representative
Katherine Libby Chair (April 2020)
Dwight Barnes Vice Chair (April 30, 2022)
Nathan Brown Member (April 30, 2020)
Terry Crotty Member (April 30, 2021)
Jeff D’Agostino Member (April 30, 2022)
Tom Dubois Member (April 30, 2021)
Brian Fisher Member (April 30, 2021)
Bryan Giard Member (April 30, 2020)
Erica Menard Member, (April 30, 2022)