Volunteer of the Year - 2018

Elsie J. Brown Volunteer of the Year Award - 2018
On Saturday, April 14, 2018, the Philbrick-James Library presented Dee Jones with the 2018 Elsie Brown Volunteer of the Year Award.
Dee, a California native, is a dynamic member in the Deerfield community, but she is especially passionate about the library. It is my belief that wherever there is passion, there is action, and Dee exemplifies this.
Until recently, Dee was both a library trustee and the president of the Friends of the Library. In these roles, she has worked diligently to support the library’s goals and activities.

If Dee’s essence could be bottled and sold, marketers would tout it as an elixir for increased liveliness, ingenuity, and charisma; hence, it would be priceless for its qualities. Always with a smile to give, Dee’s mere presence puts those around her at ease. Seriously, this lady radiates positive energy and compassion. Former library director Evelyn Decota, who has worked closely with Dee throughout thepast years, describes Dee as a catalyst or motivational force for progress. “Dee is a spark,” declares Evelyn. This is due in large part to Dee’s unique perspective and exceptional communication skills. Also,Dee has proven to be quite adept at leading teams and achieving targeted outcomes. Don’t take my word for it: Just attend one of the library’s major functions to witness Dee’s tireless dedication for yourself.

Furthermore, Dee’s commitment to the library is unrivaled and deserves more recognition than I could possibly give. We, the library staff, greatly appreciate all of Dee’s efforts and thank her immensely for her contributions to the town. I am certain I am not alone in saying that we all are blessed for having.Dee and her husband, Ken, as Deerfield residents.