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The Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s Office is committed to accurately recording and preserving the Town’s history, and; serving the public impartially and with great care. We serve as the doorway into local government, performing a variety of statutory functions. The nature of this office requires us to maintain the highest level of standards and professionalism at all times. We are continually advancing our best practices to deliver efficient and quality services to our residents.

We are responsible for the issuance of motor vehicle registrations, marriage licenses, birth and death certificates, and dog licensing. We administer all local, state, and federal elections as well as voter registration and absentee ballots. We are responsible for the issuance and collection of all taxes assessed to property owners. We are an integral part of town government, often the first point of contact with local officials that residents encounter. The Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s office is the leading revenue collector for the town, and strives to provide residents with accurate and efficient services. We take great pride in serving you.

Guidelines for completing transactions at this time during Town Office Closure:

MOTOR VEHICLES (Renewals - with no changes)

  • Online: Renew online, by computer or smartphone.  
  • By Phone: If you do not have a computer or smartphone, call 463-8811 during normal business hours. Renewals will be processed over the phone with credit/debit card payment.  
  • By Mail: Mail a check along with a copy of your registrations (or renewal application that was mailed to you) to: Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Town of Deerfield, PO Box 159, Deerfield, NH 03037.  Cost estimates are available on the HERE

MOTOR VEHICLES (New motor vehicles, transfers, new residents, town-only)

  • Drop OffFor all new registrations (motor vehicle, trailers and boat):  Please leave the following items in the drop box at the Town Office front door (GBW Building, 8 Raymond Rd, Deerfield, NH 03037:
  1. A photo copy of a picture ID of everyone listed on the title or title application/ purchaser of boat
  2. A phone number where you can be reached
  3. A check made out to the Town of Deerfield.  The Town Clerk will fill in the amount due and include a photocopy of the check in your packet.  If you prefer to pay by card with phone, you will be contacted to set up an appointment.

Also include:

  • For vehicles and trailers model year 2000 or newer and trailers over 3,000 lbs The Town Clerk’s copy of a title application for the vehicle or trailer, or the title completed including buyers name(s) address, date of sale, odometer reading, signature of seller, and signature of buyer(s), date, current registration of old vehicle if you are doing a transfer of plates.
  • For vehicles model year prior to 2000 or trailers under 3,000 lbs – trailer plus load (gvw):  The previous owners registration or a complete verification of vin form:
  • For vanity plates: The application for vanity plate:
  • For a new boat:  A copy of the bill of sale that contains the hull number.


  • If you have a motor vehicle transaction that needs to be completed at the state (overweight, veteren plates, handicap, etc)  The phone number to call and make an appointment is: 603-227-4000.


  • Online: Renew online, by computer or smartphone.   
  • By Mail: If you do not have a computer or smartphone, you may send a check in the mail to: Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Town of Deerfield, PO Box 159, Deerfield, NH 03037.  Spayed/neutered dogs $6.50, not spayed/neutered $9.00, senior citizen $2.00. Please include proof of age if paying senior rate for the 1st time.  The senior citizen rate is for the first dog only.
  • By Phone: Call 463-8811 and process over the phone with credit/debit card payment.

Online registration tip:  Enter the previous license year, followed by a dash, and the 4-digit number.  For example, tag 19-0123.  Check your paper license from 2019 for accuracy.



  • Contact us via email or phone: Marriage licenses must be done in person. Both parties must be present.  Please have a photo IDs, divorce decrees and/or death certificates if applicable. 


  • Online: Taxes can be paid online HERE.  You can pay electronically by ACH, or credit/debit card.
  • By Mail:  You can mail checks made payable to the Town of Deerfield, to: Town Clerk/Tax Collector, Town of Deerfield, PO Box 159, Deerfield, NH 03037.  Leave a note or put instructions in the memo, of the address and/or parcel id that you want the payment applied to.
  • By Phone: Call 463-8811 and process over the phone with credit/debit card payment.
  • Check You Balance:  You can check your balance anytime HERE.


  • Contact us via email or phone:  We will assess your needs and assist you in the most appropriate, safest way possible.

What else you should know:

  • If you register/license/vital request online, there is a $0.35 e-Check fee. Fees are calculated per transaction, not by number of items you renew on a single transaction.
  • If you pay by credit card, there is a 2.79% convenience fee levied by our credit card processing company. 

For your convenience, here is the direct link to our ONLINE PAYMENT SERVICES.




Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Kelly Roberts Town Clerk/ Tax Collector (603)-463-8811 Ext. 312
Kim Crotty Deputy Town Clerk / Tax Collector (603) 463-8811 Ext. 308