Deerfield Community School

About Us

The Deerfield School Board seeks to increase access to our meetings, documentation and activities by sharing across multiple distribution channels with the newest being the Town Website. The Deerfield School Board has five members elected for a three-year term. The chair is elected annually by the members, whom are: 

Board meetings are generally held the first Wednesday of the month, we do hold twice monthly meetings, so please check out SAU website under Deerfield Board (for our schedule, policies, meetings/ minutes and other documentation is stored here). Meetings are held at Deerfield Community School, either in the gym, cafeteria or library and start at approximately 6pm EST. Scheduled meetings are subject to change without notice.

One member of the board is elected annually to serve on the SAU Executive Board while all members belong to the full SAU board. The Executive Board traditionally meets once a month while the Full Board meets twice a year. There are several committees of which one or two board members represent, these are selected annually through board discussion.

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